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Oct 27, 2005
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I just finished watching the tribute of Kirby. What a beautiful tribute. This was well done. It was fun to see the current Twins, the past Twins, players from the past, and all out there. It was nice to see Kirby''s family from his children, his ex-wife, his fiancee and his would-be future young son, his brothers, and his sisters out there in the field. It was great to see the fans in full force out there. It was simply beautiful. What can anyone say?

John Gordon did a fantastic job emceeing this tribute. This was best I seen from him. I thought he did a great job coordinating everything out there. His speech on Kirby was great.

What a great job by the Twin Cities Community Gospel. Their rendeition of the National Anthem was fantastic. They did a great job of singing out there.

Speaking of singing, Jim Grant was absoultely awesome in singing the song "What a Wonderful World" That song was fitting because KIrby was one of the few people that made this world a wonderful world.

I thought it was great to see guys like Harmon, Dave Winfield, Cal Ripken Jr, Kent Hrbek, Dan Gladden, Al Newman, Gardy, former Twins GM Andy MacPhail, and TK do the speeches out there. They did a fantasitc job. I was so happy to see Dave Winfield do his speech. He brought a smile to my face as he was talking about his playing experience with Kirby. He did a great job. He did a great job electrifying the crowd along with Harmon. I thought Dan and Al were too emotional to speak much. Gardenhire was awesome. I liked that Gardy talked about as long as he is managing, he will make sure the team and its players will play the way Kirby played which is hustling around the base, play hard, and play with a sense of enthauism. I thought MacPhall's speech was very touching out there.

The clip with him being on Letterman's show was priceless. I got lot of laughs seeing Kirby do the Top 10 list about his name. I was laughing when he mentioned Kent Hrbek and Punky Brewester in terms of missaying Kirby's name.

The highlight to me was TK rounding the greats behind him as he was speaking. That was a great job by him.

The moments that was displayed on the Jumbotron was awesome. I had tears and smiles watching Kirby's highlights as a Twin.

This was a great tribute to a gentlemen and a great player. I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone that watched it on TV or at the Dome enjoyed it too. This could have went on forever IMO. You just didn't want to see this end. It was long, but it seemed quick. This could have lasted 10 hours or forever. You just didn't want to see this funeral end. I am just honored that I got an opportunity to watch this funeral. MLB.com deserves big-time props for streaming this and they did a great job.

We finally get a closure in this. It's been tough, but now life has to move on whether we like it or not. It's a shame we lost an icon, but he is in his rightful place.
For anyone that has interest in watching the tribute from the luminaries, click the following:

Memorial Service Speakers

Andy Macphail

Cal Ripkin

Dave Winfield

Ron Gardenhire

Dan Gladden

Al Newman

Kent Hrbek

I am definitely going to rewatch this again tonight or later in the week. I will probably doing this a lot this year. That never gets old.

I recommend everyone to watch MacPhail, Gardenhire, Winfield, and Newman. Those four really were awesome.

Reference: Lord Vader from MNSportsCentral.com for mentioning these links.
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