2023 General NFL News Thread

Harrison Jr. could easily be the call. It would also be poetic genius if Chi trade #1 to Wash for Williams, #2 to NE for Maye, and #3 to the Raiders for Daniels. What they would get from the Raiders to go from #13 to #3 after collecting extra picks in a deep draft from Wash and NE, might be worth passing on Harrison Jr.

That would be one hell of a draft strategy. They'd end up with like 20 picks from one draft. They really could do it though if you think about it.
We really don't know what he likes. Brees was an accidental FA signing. Last guy he developed was Tony Romo 20 years ago.
Well, given how he had R. Wilson throwing quick short passes coupled with downfield strikes, I think Bo would fit.
We really don't know what he likes. Brees was an accidental FA signing. Last guy he developed was Tony Romo 20 years ago.
He likes QBs that are very accurate in the short/mid range though. I could see Nix and JJ being fits for him and Daniels less so. I don't think he's ever had a "running" QB.
That's cuz he's old school and washed up!

That's what I was getting at. League has changed over ten times since the last time he had to groom a QB. I don't know how much he put into some of those guys they had over the years there, but I don't think any of those guys he had developed under Brees. I also don't buy that he won't look at a mobile QB. He's on record saying he was taking Mahomes before the Chefs jumped them. He even told Brees during that draft, so it's not a Bill Polean revisionist history situation.
AP raises hand —

Per JJ’s chart, the #3 pick is worth 2200 points. This article documents two recents trades for a QB at #3.

Because the two discussed trades involve future picks, they are hard to value using JJ’s chart, but I tried by doing the standard of equating a next year 1st at mid-2nd value and a 1st after that bottom 2nd value.

‘18 Jets (Z. Wilson) —> Colts
  • 1.6: 1600
  • 2.37: 530
  • 2.49: 410
  • ‘19 2nd: 190
Total: 2630 (+430)

It appears there was a lot of demand for QB2 (Z. Wilson) and/or the Colts out negotiated NYJ.

‘21 ‘9ers (T. Lance) —> Dolphins:
  • 1.12: 1200
  • ‘22 1st: 420
  • ‘22 3rd: 60
  • ‘23 1st: 270
Total: 1950 (-250)

It appears the Dolphins really wanted to trade down, there was not a lot of demand for QB3 (T. Lance), and/or NFL teams value future 1st round picks, even if they turn out at the bottom of the 1st (as they did here), more than mid 2nd round picks (and bottom 2nd round picks for a 1st two year from now).

Below are relatively equivalent packages from the Birds/Raiders and Vikes/Raiders for QB3 at #3. Raiders would likely have to part with 3 1st to beat the Birds but just a 3rd to beat the Vikes, who don’t have a 3rd to offer.

‘23 Falcons (Daniels) —> Patriots:
  • 1.8: 1400
  • 2.43: 470
  • ‘22 1st: 420
Total: 2290 (+90)

‘23 Raiders (Daniels) —> Patriots:
  • 1.13: 1150
  • 2.44: 460
  • ‘25 1st: 420
  • ‘26 1st: 270
Total: 2300 (+100)

‘23 Vikings (Daniels) —> Patriots:
  • 1.11: 1250
  • 2.42: 480
  • 4.109: 76
  • ‘22 1st: 420
Total: 2226 (+26)

‘23 Raiders (Daniels) —> Patriots:
  • 1.13: 1150
  • 2.44: 460
  • 3.77: 205
  • ‘22 1st: 420
Total: 2235 (+35)