2005 NFL Playoffs


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Oct 27, 2005
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What's your take on the NFL playoffs this year overall? Steve Politi, who is the Star-Ledger columnist, had me rolling my eyes when he mentioned how this year's NFL playoffs has been boring the other day. I don't think it has been exciting especially the conference championship games, but it hasn't been boring or bad either as Steve points out.

I thought the wild card games were pretty good. Washington/Tampa Bay was a very good game I thought. It was pretty close for most of the game. Jacksonville/Pats was a good game for the first half. It was close till the middle of the third quarter when Brady did his thing. If Jags offense could have got something going early in the game, maybe they lead and win the game. I thought Pitt/Cincy was close till Kitna became Kitna. If Carson Palmer does not get hurt, this game goes to the wire I think and maybe the Bengals just win it. Carolina/NY was decent. If Eli actually threw some good passes, maybe Giants make it close and be in a position to win the game.

The divisional games was good. Washington/Seattle was a close game for the most part. I thoguht Brunell and Hasselbeck put on a great show along with Santana Moss. Pats/Broncos was interesting to see. Pats had opportunities to win it because Denver did not look that good. Indy/Pitt went to a thrilling finish after a lousy first half. Rex Grossman tried to carry the Bears on his back. Chicago had chances to tie and win it against Carolina.

I was at a restaurant watching the games and it seemed the fans were tuned in into every play. I heard lot of reactions and such so I have no idea why Steve Politi thought it was boring.

Was the NFL playoffs perfect? No, but when it ever was. The only playoffs that comes close to drama and exciting finish is the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

I thought it was pretty good. Me thinks Politi is bitter that his beloved Jets did not make the playoffs.

Here is the article:
Personally I was a little disappointed with the Conference Championship games --- they weren't really very close or exciting. In fact the outcomes were really never in doubt.

The Wild Card and Divisional Playoffs games I thought were pretty good. At least I watched the whole game.

I'm just hoping for a good Super Bowl...I'd like a 31-28 shootout with something happening in the last 20 seconds to decide the game.,

I don't care who wins! ;)
I liked the Steelers/Colts game....and the Broncos/Pats game....Jags/Pats was OK....but really, who didn't know Pats were going to win that one? I also liked the Bears/Panthers game...and the Cincy/Steelers game.

All Jets fans are bitter right now....give 'em time....they'll get over it :p
I got Politi's email back.

Here is what he wrote:

leslie (I am a male),

thanks for writing. getting ready for the olympics so all is busy --
take care and enjoy the super bowl!


He basically ducked my question to him. Slick, Steve.

Great guy though and a great writer.
CrossBones said:
I don't care who wins! ;)

You know in your heart that you want Seattle win. After all, wouldn't it be nice to take part in the 12th man parade. :D
Angel said:
All Jets fans are bitter right now....give 'em time....they'll get over it :p

Jets have been a mess forever and they ain't getting better anytime soon.
TiceMustGo said:
Jets have been a mess forever and they ain't getting better anytime soon.
Yeah....they need to quit pinning all their hopes on such a fragile QB ;)
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