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    We need some imput from the fan base here.Why is herm still in KC.Take a good look around the league ,you see the teams taking charge of there chitty year.They get rid of the problem.I just hope tony stays in KC,dam they need a line for LJ,Bowe lets just hope this draft pays off.You got the raiders and the chiefs are in the same boat.I think its time to make the AFC west the toughest division again.WTF is herm thinking this was the most wasted year ever,that man cant coach.You LJ sittting with a injury,they know he isnt going to play in 07 so take him to the IR and get another RB in there to see what he can doo.He cant manage a game worth a chit,his OC has no flippin game what so ever.THEY WERE THE WORST TEAM THIS YEAR.