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    PFT just posted this

    Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau, who was arrested early this morning on domestic violence charges, is reportedly hospitalized after driving his SUV off a cliff.

    TMZ is reporting that Seau drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, California, this morning, just hours after he was released from the Vista Detention Facility. He survived the crash but was injured and transported to a local hospital.

    A photo that appears to show Seau's SUV at the bottom of a cliff near a beach has been published by TMZ.

    Seau is in his first year of retirement from the NFL after playing his 20th and final NFL season in 2009 for the Patriots. He has always had a reputation as a pillar of the community, and his Seau Foundation raises money for child abuse prevention and college scholarships, among other causes.
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    Unfortunately, sounds like another footballer suffering the after-effects from too many "brain collisions"...