Rugby & It's new rules

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    Im just wondering if anyone has seen the ELV rules in Rugby in Southern Hemisphere Rugby Union... They were trialed in the Super 14 competition and a full world trial takes place from August 1 at all levels of Rugby!

    Basically there is some amazing new rules where a player is allowed to use his hands in a ruck if he remains on his feet. Also the Lineout throw is allowed to have unlimited men so you would see some Backs enter into the rule of play... Also Lineout passes are allowed to be thrown the point of out ot bounds provided the oppositions lineout hasn't set.

    The Penalty goal infringements like dangerous tackles and offsides remain Full Arm penalties, But minor infringements such as the hands in the ruck and slowing down the ball will only incur a free kick.

    Wow i've waffled on for quite a bit... But trust me this game is exciting. It's gonna be a awesome delight watching these new rules on centre stage, more free open attacking like 7 a side football.