Lionel Messi=Steph Curry

Discussion in 'Other Major Sports' started by Madturk, Jun 27, 2016.

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    If anyone caught the Argentina-Chile final last night, I couldn't help noticing the similarities between Steph Curry and Messi from Argentina. Both tend to showboat a lot and ultimately wind up losing the ball. Then unable to deliver in crunch time. LOL
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    The difference was that Messi played a relatively good game... much more so than Sergio Aguero IMO. In hindsight it was a bad choice to go upper 90 on the PK, even the announcers were saying they should just drive it low and with pace due to the fatigue of going 120 minutes, but he almost always puts it there and had never missed prior.

    It was soul crushing to watch though. Messi has given everything to try and bring a trophy to Argentina. He could have easily chosen to represent Spain, or even Italy (I think). It sucks that he could never achieve success with his national team but he's still done more at a higher level than Maradona over the course of his career.