Larry Johnson Out for Season!

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    Larry Johnson Out for Season

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    KANSAS CITY -- Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is out for the season.
    This was confirmed by a source within the Chiefs organization with direct knowledge of the situation.

    According to the Chiefs initially, Johnson had suffered a mid-foot sprain in the fourth quarter of last Sunday's 33-22 loss to the Packers.

    However Anderson has learned that Johnson has a broken bone in the left foot.

    So far this season Johnson has rushed 158 times for 559 yards.

    That total has had Johnson ranked 14th in the league-just behind Travis Henry who’s 13th with 580 yards.

    While this injury is bad news for Johnson, it’s a bright spot for the Broncos who’s last ranked rush defense who won’t have to face him.
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    Well that's too bad. Really. I mean yeah it's too bad. :p
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    Yeah I love it.....maybe we can finally beat a AFCW team in a few weeks.....FYI bons can you delete this same post I that I put in the bronco's forum