College Lineman launches Chargers Scout

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers' started by Raider Jason, Mar 30, 2009.

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    This is pretty funny. A Chargers scout was working the bag with this guy, Vaughn Martin, who is apparently from Canada, and can run the 40 in just over 5 flat. He can also bench 225 30 plus times. Check it out below:

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    The guy is young, and raw. In Canada, you don't lose your college eligibility if you declare for the NFL draft. That said, I've read that this kid is going to sign as a UFA if he's not drafted. He's got the size and athletism; good chance he'll at least make somebody's practice squad.
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    He wasnt as productive as people think up here in Canada.

    I heard a lot about him, but he wasnt a tremendous player in Canada.

    Jamal Lee. His dad was a first overall CFL pick in the 80's.

    Check that guy out. He broke damn near every Canadian college rushing record and then destroyed CFL combine this year, and is on NFLDS as a late rounder.

    6-1 220, 4.39 and a 44inch vertical.

    He's better than Jesse Lumsden from a few years back who got a crack with Washington and Seattle.