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    IMO we have absolutely nailed our last thre (now) 1st round picks. All three are productive studs who live eat and sleep football. Crazy. All needs, all perfect fits. McKenzie on fire in round 1.
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    it's amazing drafting football players instead of 40 times and athletes actually works out in the NFL.
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    1(14): Karl Joseph, S
    About as good as the Raiders could get. Would have loved a trade back for a haul or Elliott to fall, but in the end I think Raiders got a player

    2(44): Jason Spriggs, OT
    This was a really difficult choice. I went 'round and 'round on this one--Ward, Spriggs, Alexander, Bullard. I don't know if I like the idea of taking a 2nd rounder who is not likely to play much in his rookie year. Remember how that worked for Langston Walker? And I am not down on Ward as much as others, but in the end, I like the value Spriggs provides for the future and DT value in rd 3.

    3(75): Javon Hargrave, DT
    I really liked this guy going into the draft. To see him on the board for the Raiders' 3rd selection, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Fills the hole on the interior and likely provides better 2016 production over Jihad Ward

    4(114): Devontae Booker, RB
    I ain't stoopid. I'm not making that trade up for Connor Cook and dropping my 5th round selection. And I've been pounding the Booker drum almost as much as NIPS pounded tequila on Cinco de Mayo. This guy can run with power from shotgun and can be an every down back. Can split with Murray to start his career and then Latavius is out the door next offseason.

    5(143): Deandre Washington, RB
    I wasn't sure where to go with this one after taking Booker in the 4th. I like Washington for what he can be in the passing game and as a bowling ball with sneaky power. I thought about addressing a couple other positions, but nobody stands out to me here. Let's go with Washington here and that way we have a change of pace guy for the future to go with the every down 'back.

    5(154): Jalen Mills, S
    I'm not going to win value points here, as Mills ended up being taken at #233, but I have a plan here. I like Mills as a player, and I really like the idea of getting a developmental safety that will work well with Karl Joseph moving forward. Mills presents the perfect partner to Joseph in the secondary, at home in coverage while Joseph knocks some heads up in the box.

    6(199): Scooby Wright, ILB
    One of the greatest disappointments in this draft was that the Raiders did not address the middle of the LB corps. Scooby is another guy who was taken much later in the real draft (#250), but again, this is a player that I REALLY like. I think his athleticism concerns are overstated, and they are likely magnified by the knee injuries he suffered from last year. In 2014, I saw a guy who took charge of a defense and beat the vaunted Oregon Ducks (and Marcus Mariota) once, while taking the Arizona team all the way to the conference championship. Wright was a HUGE part of that. Before the season started, he was talked about as a top 15 selection.

    He's not as big as Reggie Ragland who went in the top of the 2nd, but functionally, Scooby likely provides much of the same things Ragland does as a strong presence in the middle of the defense. You don't really want either of them to take on coverage of athletic TEs or slot receivers, but they can play downhill and get to the ball carrier.

    7(235): Alexander, OG
    Great value, can step in at OG early if injury dictates. I'm not comfortable resting all hopes on pear-shaped Feliciano if an injury on the line occurs.
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    #14 - Vernon Butler

    #44 - Jarran Reed

    #75 - Shalique Calhoun

    #114 - Kenneth Dixon

    #143 - KJ Dillon

    #154 - Brandon Shell

    #194 - Charone Peake

    #234 - Vadal Alexander