Alex Gibbs Resigns -- LOL @ Seahawks and Pete Carroll

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    Alex Gibbs resigns just prior to season

    Associated Press

    SEATTLE -- A week before their season begins, the Seattle Seahawks are looking for a new offensive line coach after the sudden retirement of Alex Gibbs.

    The veteran coach known for his success with zone blocking schemes stepped down on Saturday, just eight days before the Seahawks season opener against San Francisco.

    A team spokesman says the 69-year-old Gibbs was "worn out."

    Gibbs was considered one of coach Pete Carroll's key hires as he assembled his staff in the offseason. Gibbs was hired away from Houston, where he was an assistant coach with the Texans for two seasons. Gibbs won two Super Bowl rings as an assistant in Denver in the late 1990s. Gibbs spent 13 total seasons in Denver.
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    Coincidence he retires right after game planning against William Joseph and Chris Cooper?
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    Off topic. Move to the "0 Cares" forum.