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    Not a lot, I suppose, relatively speaking. But in terms of payola, it's rich. Taking the game of cronyism to a whole new level.

    Loretta and Eric (i.e., Obama) had a slush fund, which they used to settle "lawsuits" brought by . . . wait for it, . . . politically aligned groups (i.e., donors).

    While the media hunts for Russians around every corner the last eight months, which started with our government's unlawful surveillance of US citizens and leaks to the press to take down a political rival who beat and bashed them in the campaign, emails obtained from FOIA requests reveal that the media could care less about Loretta's unethical (perhaps unlawful) meeting with Bill on the Tarmac, and instructions to the FBI to tone down the Hillary investigation.

    While a grand jury has been empaneled by the political establishment to subpoena and fish for crime to take out the horses ass that is our President, the actual criminal investigation into Hillary's unlawful server and foreign "non-profit" organization that made the Clintons as rich as their biggest donors, neither she nor her staff were ever put under oath and their interviews weren't even transcribed.

    As much as there is good reason to hate Trump, he is the least of our worries. Our media, government, and politics suck right now. Even our top "law enforcement" officials were in on the politics of cronisism and corruption, and no one cares. They are aligned to make themselves rich and push an establishment and political agenda, where no one is watching. The ruling class wants complete control over your tax dollars, and more and more of them, and controls the media to ensure that control.

    You probably didn't even know the current AG is investigating the propriety of the $6 billion in "settlements" to politically alligned groups that supported Obama. It won't matter. It won't go anywhere. No grand jury will be empaneled. But we'll applaud a grand jury to chase Russians and have mass histeria over Donald's tweets.
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    @Sleet is this a political commentary?

    You :dumb:
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