Forum Policy

As a member of the forums you must follow the policies and guidelines as outlined below. Failure to comply with these policies can result in warnings, suspension of forum privileges or being banned from the site.

Do not engage in the following...

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you disagree with someone, argue the point and not the person. Everyone on this forum has a right to their viewpoint. You can either reply and express your views to counter their position or simply move on to another thread. Malicious or repeated vicious personal attacks will not be tolerated and can result in a reduction of forum privileges or you can be subject to a ban from the forums.

Trolling/Flaming/Continued Harassing of other member(s)

Trolling: Do not post in order to anger other members or intentionally cause negative reactions. For a given post, this can be a subjective call, but a pattern of such posting or an especially egregious case will get you banned. This includes, but is not limited to, pulling up old posts to ridicule a member for their take and how "wrong" or "ridiculous" it is.

Flaming/Harassment: Purposely intimidating a particular member, harassing them, sending them rude or unwanted private messages, etc. This includes personal attacks on moderators for doing their jobs.

Inappropriate Language (Circumventing the word censor system)

There are a few words that are not allowed on the forums. Not many but a few. Don't use them. The word censor filter is there for a reason. Do not circumvent it by using the language we intend to exclude by disguising those words. If a word is replaced by asterisks when you Preview or Submit a post, you know it's on the list. When you see this, remove the words prior to finalizing and posting your message. Those that insist on trying to circumvent the system will be warned and subsequently subject to a ban from the forums.

Religious and Political Discussion

Discussions about religion or politics are not appropriate for this forum. Do not engage in discussions on these subjects. Pretty straight forward. Although it is possible for religion or politics to come up or be referred to as a joke we've found that discussions usually follow and they are not welcome here. So if you think it's a questionable picture or reference just don't do it.

Signature and font policy

Do not use large images in your signature block. Keep the size of these small. They should be no larger than 150 X 400.
Do not use large oversize fonts in your signature. Large signature images and large fonts tend to disrupt the format of the forums and take up unnecessary space.

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Sep 28, 2013
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